This course has been designed for any individual, social media freelancer/agency or small-medium business to give you all the knowledge and skills you need to create and use high-quality content to increase conversion.


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Duration: 15-20 hours 
Course access: Up to 6 months
Format: Online with embedded videos, downloadable checklists and templates
Online Course Price: $795 inc gst

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We're so confident that you'll love our course that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of commencing the course. Simply send us an email and you’ll get an instant refund as long as you have completed at least half of the course. 

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After you've completed this course, you'll have the essential skills to become a leading Content Expert.

  • Capture attention and engage your audience

  • Create a connection with your audience and community

  • Write great copy tailored to your audience

  • Learn how to properly create and use video content

  • Create stunning visuals that are highly engaging

  • Access tools, tips and techniques to create high-quality content

  • Convert your traffic into customers

  • Understand content categories, purpose and formats


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  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Module 1. Writing Great Copy

    • Writing Great Copy Introduction

    • Topic 1: Buckle up – preparing to write

    • 1.1 People – Know Your Audience

    • Let’s Do It! Knowing your audience

    • 1.2 Product – Know it From the Inside Out

    • 1.3 Experience the product

    • 1.4 Purpose

    • 1.5 Tone of voice

    • 1.6 Content Brief Template

    • Topic 2: Foundations First

    • 2.1 Brainstorm

    • 2.2 Look for connections, clusters and flows

    • 2.3 Headlines and Sub-headings

    • Let’s Do It! Headlines made easy

    • 2.4 Visual Organisers

    • Questions and Answers

    • Let’s Do It! Creating Pillar Content

    • Example Questions – Content Strategy for Social Media

    • Topic 3: Write ... write ... write ...

    • 3.1 Keep going, don’t count, don’t filter

    • Let’s Do It! Write a blog

    • 3.2 Create a ‘loop’ or ‘return’ to your opening idea

    • Topic 4: Brutal – Slice and Dice

    • 4.1 Delete – less words, smaller words

    • 4.2 Concise Copy Converts

    • Let’s Do It! Reducing

    • Let’s Do It! Smaller words

    • 4.3 Consider Your Sentence Length

    • Let’s Do It! ... and

    • 4.4 Silence is golden

    • 4.5 Proofread

    • 4.6 CopywrITing

    • Topic 5: Copy That Converts

    • 5.1 Dialogue, not monologue

    • 5.2 Copywriting Formulas

    • 5.3 Power Words

    • 5.4 Call to Action (CTA)

    • 5.5 FOMO

    • 5.6 Emotions

    • Let’s Talk – How is your writing feeling?

    • 5.7 Ask A Question

    • Let's talk! What's your question?

    • Let's Review

    • Module 1 Quiz

    • Module 1: Conclusion

  • 3

    Module 2. Creating Content

    • Module 2: Introduction

    • Keywords

    • Topic 1: Content Sources

    • 1.1 Content Brainstorm

    • 1.2 Media and Content Formats

    • 1.3 Creating blog articles

    • Topic 2: Creating Visuals

    • Let’s Do It! Free or Paid?

    • 2.1 Use Canva to quickly design high quality posts

    • 2.2 There are many image and video editing tools

    • Let's talk! Apps

    • Let’s Do It! Creating a Post

    • Topic 3: Other Content Formats

    • 3.1 Infographic creation tools

    • 3.2 eBooks

    • 3.3 eBook creation tools

    • 3.5 Podcasts

    • 3.6 GIFs Help Your Posts Get Noticed

    • Content Brief Template

    • Let's Review

    • Module 2 Quiz

    • Module 2: Conclusion

  • 4

    Module 3. Video

    • Module 3 - Introduction

    • Video Production Steps

    • Topic 1: Pre-Production

    • Topic 2: Production

    • 2.2 Recording with Your Mobile Phone

    • Topic 3: Post-production and Editing

    • 3.1 Editing Tips

    • 3.2 Video Best Practice

    • Video Length

    • Editing video in Canva

    • Let’s Do It! Video Editing

    • Let's Review

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Module 3 Conclusion

  • 5

    Module 4. Conversion

    • Module 4: Landing Pages

    • Topic 1: Introduction to Landing Pages

    • 1.1 Landing Page Statistics

    • 1.2 Landing Pages Types

    • 1.3 Example – Optus Facebook Ad

    • 1.4 Benefits of a Landing Page

    • 1.5 Landing Page Conversion

    • Let’s Do It! Landing Page or Website?

    • Topic 2: Landing Page Design

    • Topic 3: Building a Landing Page

    • Let’s Do It! Build a Landing Page

    • 3.1 Open or create a mailchimp account

    • 3.2 Choose a Template

    • 3.3 Edit the logo, headline and CTA

    • 3.4 Add a new text field

    • 3.5 Update CTA, delete extra sections, mobile optimise, publish!

    • 3.6 Ta da!

    • Topic 4: Optimising Landing Pages

    • 4.1 A/B Testing

    • 4.2 So … you want to sell your house?

    • 4.3 One at a time please …

    • Let's talk! What would you test?

    • Let's Review

    • Module 4 Quiz

    • Module 4: Conclusion


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