This Facebook Advertising course is designed to fast track you from daily user to an unstoppable pro in just 15-20 hours of training time when studying online, or in just 1-day if you choose to study on campus.


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Duration: 15-20 hours 
Course access: Up to 6 months
Format: Online with embedded videos, downloadable checklists and templates
Online Course Price: $795 inc gst

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We're so confident that you'll love our course that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of commencing the course. Simply send us an email and you’ll get an instant refund as long as you have completed at least half of the course. 

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After you've completed this course, you'll learn the essential skills to become a leading Facebook advertising marketer:

  • Develop structured and engaging campaigns that increase likes

  • Identify and target optimal customer segments for improved ROI

  • Understand how to setup and implement campaigns that work

  • Implement tracking and retargeting functions to maximise budgets

  • Establish a trusted presence and following on Facebook


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Sandra Mooney

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Steph Giovinazzo

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Darlene Smith

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • Course Structure

    • Your Learning Experience

    • Your Workbook and Templates

    • Connect With Us

    • Let's Talk! Introducing You

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Facebook Marketing

    • Facebook Background

    • Global Facebook Users

    • Facebook Usage in Australia and Audience Demographics

    • Facebook Rebrand to Meta

    • Benefits of Facebook Marketing

    • Core Features

    • Facebook Groups

    • Messenger Bots

    • Facebook Stories

    • Facebook Reels

    • Let's Talk! Favourite Facebook page

    • Facebook Advertising

    • Facebook Ad Examples

    • Boosted Posts vs Facebook Ads

    • Let's Do It! Facebook Advertising Examples

    • Business Suite Migration

    • Business Manager

    • Ads Manager

    • Facebook Resources

    • Let's Review

    • Module 1 Quiz

    • Module 1 Conclusion

  3. 3
    • The Facebook Ads Landscape

    • Profiles and Pages

    • Key Facebook Products

    • Let's Talk! Work or Play?

    • Facebook Algorithm Overview

    • Quote from Facebook

    • Facebook Ads

    • Page Transparency

    • Ad Library

    • Benefits of Facebook Advertising

    • Dynamic Ads vs A/B Testing

    • Use Visuals

    • Make it Relevant

    • Make a Full-Page Spread

    • Let's Do It! Great or Grate?

    • Let's Review

    • Module 2 Quiz

    • Module 2 Conclusion

  4. 4
    • Facebook Marketing Strategy

    • Strategy

    • Customer Types

    • Audience Persona Canvas and Example

    • The Buyer/Audience Funnel

    • Case study: Havas Media – Caitlin West

    • Let's Talk! Eat or Be Eaten?

    • The Facebook Ads Structure

    • How to Structure Your Facebook Ads

    • Three Steps to Create Great Ads

    • Organic and Paid Content Strategy Templates

    • Let's Do It! What's Your Strategy?

    • Let's Review

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Module 3 Conclusion

  5. 5
    • Facebook Campaigns

    • Setting up Campaigns

    • Select your Campaign Objective

    • Old and New Objectives

    • Let's Do It! Don't Objectify Me!

    • Design

    • Content for Different Buyer/Audience Stages – Caitlin West

    • Awareness

    • Consider

    • Decide

    • Content for Different Buyer/Audience Stages – Pathum Wanigasekara

    • Let's Do It! Are You Feeling Content?

    • Let's Review

    • Module 4 Quiz

    • Module 4 Conclusion

  6. 6
    • Facebook Ad Sets

    • Ad Sets on Facebook

    • Start a New Ad Set

    • Targeting

    • The Importance of Targeting – Pathum Wanigasekara

    • Targeting Options

    • Using your Buyer/Audience Personas

    • Let's Do It! Target Personas

    • Core Audience Targeting

    • Demographics

    • Detailed Interests

    • Detailed Behaviours

    • Create a Custom Audience

    • Lookalike Audiences

    • Let's Talk! Are You Boxing in Your Audience?

    • Ad Placements

    • Budgeting

    • The Budgeting Process

    • Campaign Budget Optimisation

    • Set Your Schedule

    • Select your Pricing Model

    • Social Media Budget Template and Example

    • Let's Do It! Budget Template

    • Track Your Spend

    • Benchmark Against Other Channels

    • Let's Review

    • Module 5 Quiz

    • Module 5 Conclusion

  7. 7
    • Facebook Ads Structure

    • Structure

    • Set up Ad Identity

    • Ad Formats

    • Ad Format Examples

    • Build Your Creative

    • Let's Do It! Find a Format

    • Media

    • Top Tactics for Engaging Images

    • Image Sources

    • Image Editing Tools

    • Image Text Restrictions

    • Case study: Mission Australia

    • Effective Use of Video

    • Instant Experience Ads

    • Elements of Great Creative – Madeleine Corrigan

    • Best Practices for Media Ratios

    • Let's Do It! Time to Get Creative!

    • Copy and CTA

    • Select an Appropriate CTA Button

    • Let's Review

    • Module 6 Quiz

    • Module 6 Conclusion

  8. 8
    • Community Management

    • Overview

    • Social Listening

    • Community Management Best Practices

    • Be Responsive

    • Let's Do It! How Fast?

    • Case Study: Coles

    • Let's Do It! They Said What?

    • Tools

    • Let's Review

    • Module 7 Quiz

    • Module 7 Conclusion

  9. 9
    • Tracking and Retargeting

    • Tracking with the Facebook Pixel

    • Benefits of the Facebook Pixel

    • Pixel Event Data

    • Pixel Activity Data

    • Tracking Methods

    • Let's Do It! Retarget Yourself

    • Retargeting

    • King Kong Retargeting

    • Let's Talk! Leave Me Alone!

    • Let's Review

    • Module 8 Quiz

    • Module 8 Conclusion

  10. 10
    • Measurement and Reporting

    • Facebook Measurement Sources

    • Align Metrics to Buyer/Audience Stages

    • 10 Key Metrics to Track

    • Let's Talk! Metrics Matter!

    • Facebook Measurement Sources – Caitlin West

    • Reporting in Ads Manager

    • Modify your Dashboard

    • Change your Columns

    • Reporting

    • Matching KPIs with Cost Metrics

    • Split Testing

    • How does AdEspresso Work?

    • Setting up Your AdEspresso Campaign

    • Our Approach

    • Let's Do It! Let's Split!

    • Let's Review

    • Module 9 Quiz

    • Module 9 Conclusion

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