Plan, implement and manage blog and content marketing

SMMBCM501A Plan, implement and manage blog and content marketing

taught by Social Media College

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Social Media College is the market leader in social media education in Australia and across the world, providing students with unrivalled social media strategy and implementation tactics required to become a social media expert.

They are the accredited course owner of the 'Diploma of Social Media Marketing', the first - and only - Australian government accredited training in social media marketing.

All courses are written and curated by three of the world's leading social media marketing experts - Trevor Young (Aus), Deborah Lee (UK) and Eric Tung (US) - as well as leading social media industry representatives.

Blog and content marketing is the foundation of a social media marketing strategy. In this unit, students are provided a complete overview of digital marketing and content marketing, including insight into each of the mainstream and niche social media networks. From there, the key blog and content marketing opportunities are analysed in relation to a specific organisation. Student's then learn how to develop a blog and content marketing strategy, which includes conducting an organisation's marketing audit, developing the brand identity, analysing the target audience segments, developing a content strategy that will appeal directly to the target audience, managing the resources involved in the strategy. Once complete, student's will then learn how to launch the strategy into market utlising content marketing tools and management systems.

Course Contents

2 Quizzes
6 Texts
3 PDFs
38 Disqus
80.0 hrs

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