Module 3 Overview

If you're not a Facebook wizard, you're not a successful social media marketer - period! And the reality is that Facebook is no longer a free platform. It's virtually impossible to get any traction without investing some money, however done correctly Facebook is capable of delivering results you never dreamed possible. In this module we cover Facebook organic & paid opportunities, ad placements, ad formats, retargeting using the Facebook pixel, creating a successful sales funnel, audience selection, choosing your ad budget & schedule, optimising Fb's ad auction system and how to measure and optimise your results.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 3 Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Facebook for Business - Video

    • Facebook Blueprint by Facebook

  • 2

    Part 1. Facebook Overview & Pages

    • Facebook Overview & Benefits

    • Facebook Blueprint - Getting Started with Facebook

    • Case Study: Air Asia

    • ​Facebook Terminology - Usage

    • Facebook Pages

    • Quiz - Facebook Overview & Features

  • 3

    Part 2. Facebook Marketing Opportunities

    • ​Facebook Marketing Opportunities

    • ​Organic Marketing Opportunities on Facebook

    • Boosting a Post

    • Facebook Ad Placements

    • ​Facebook Ad Formats

    • Facebook Retargeting

    • Quiz - Facebook Marketing Opportunities

  • 4

    Part 3. Facebook Marketing Strategy

    • Understanding the Sales Funnel

    • Campaign Structure

    • Ad Set Level: Selecting Your Audience

    • Ad Set Level: Choosing Your Ad Placement, Budget & Schedule

    • Ad Level: Outlining Your Creative

    • Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

    • A/B Testing

  • 5

    Part 4. Implement the Facebook Strategy

    • Facebook Strategy Implementation

    • Learning Activity: Facebook Blueprint

    • ​Ad Auction

  • 6

    Part 5. Optimising, Measuring and Reporting on Facebook Marketing

    • Optimising, Reporting and Measuring the Strategy

    • ​How to Report for Facebook Marketing

    • Scale and Grow a Business with Facebook

  • 7

    Module 3 Conclusion

    • Module Conclusion

    • Module Review

Meet Your Mentor

Sammy Macintosh

Head SMC Mentor

Sammy is an experienced digital marketer with a breadth of experience across social strategy, paid social advertising, copywriting, content marketing, email marketing and marketing automation. More recently she has co-founded Social Media Agency, SMC's sister marketing agency!Passionate about startups, she loves all things tech, social and digital.Her favourite aspects of social media are inbound content marketing and trying out different Facebook advertising strategies across industries to deliver amazing client results!Sammy is the Head SMC Mentor, she is here to answer all of your social media questions and brainstorm new ideas to make your social media marketing strategy a success. 

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